The Power Series; Interview #3 Lucia Hiscock


Powerful; having great power or strength

Lucia Hiscock: Fashion Designer and Style Guru

A designer, entrepreneur, mum of two and fashion blogger; Lucia Hiscock is an amazing woman when it comes to following your dreams and creating a Luxury Fashion Brand Bertolissio, after having a family. She is a woman who knows what she wants, and there’s nothing stopping her.  Fearless and courageous enough to step outside the norm when it comes to marketing a fashion brand before creating the clothes, being comfortable in her own skin and leading the way as one of Brisbane’s most popular bloggers with a whopping 27.2k followers on instagram.


Here's the Interview with Lucia below where I dig deeper to find out what makes her tick.


E: I met you when we were studying together at Billy Blue College of Design and I was always in awe of the drive you had behind creating Bertolissio. What is it that really drove you to create your own fashion label?

L: Firstly, thank you for your lovely comments. To be honest, I am not sure what drives me to create this brand.  I know that I want to make beautiful clothes, I want to leave people breathless when they watch a fashion show, to feel connected to what I create.  I am truly inspired by the work of Alexander McQueen.  I could watch his shows, over and over.  That is what I want to create, and there is a feeling that I can't describe driving me.  


E: What are the hardest challenges to face when it comes to being a mum and an entrepreneur? 

L: My children and family always come first. That can be a challenge when I know there is work to be done, and I have to get them to their afternoon activities, which means late nights.  And of being an entrepreneur, uncertainty, being accountable to yourself.  The buck stops with you.  


E: What is the proudest moment you’ve had so far with your business?

L: I think this would have to be, wearing one of my dresses and being stopped in the street, by a group of women, who were admiring my dress, and wanted to know all about the brand.  


E: What is your morning ritual?

L: I love to journal most mornings.  It clears the day in my head.  Monday and Fridays I got to the gym early.  I take my supplements, and then my other ritual is getting my daughters to school on time - lol


E: What inspires you most when it comes to your personal style?

L: Colour inspires me most. I also love european style, and being different.  


E: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

L: Great question!  My goal is to have the Bertolissio brand established in Australia, as being an innovative, new and exciting brand.  I would love to have 1 store locally in Brisbane, and 1 in Sydney.   


E: What advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?

L: Believe in yourself.  Do not be afraid, your are better than you know!   


E: What do you think the hardest hurdle is for women finding their voice?

L: Trusting their voice, and having the courage to acknowledge their power and execute it.   


E: What do you believe will be the biggest hurdles for the fashion industry in the future?

L:  Its an very interesting time for fashion at the moment.  Over supply, we just have so much.  Being different to everything already in the market.  Sustainability of those mid level brands, to remain viable.  


E: What’s the biggest fear that you had to overcome to move forward?

L: Fear itself.  I will telly you this story.  

I was at a theme park the other day, and my daughter asked me to go on the Tower of Terror. I agreed, to go on it. I was a little nervous, but was not really sure what the ride exactly was.  I knew we went up high, but that is about all.  

We got in, and the ride starts, we are pulled backwards at 160km per hour, and hurled up into the sky really high. I am breathing so deeply telling my self 'its ok' as we get to the top of the ride, and its time to go back down.  I swiftly recall a dream of falling from the sky, and that feeling in your heart you get; 'geez its that dream' I think, we head back down, and I start to shake, I am so scared and finally the ride ends.  I think 'phew, I made it!'  and quickly get off the ride.  

At the end of the day, everyone wants to go on the same ride again, and I think 'I can do this! I will be better at it this time'  so we line up for the ride.  This time I notice that I am way more nervous knowing what is going to happen.  I am very quiet, as my mind is ticking away.  We get on the ride.  I can do this, I tell myself.  The ride starts going backwards again at 160km, and I become aware of going backwards more so this time than the first time.  I am really scared, and wondering when is this ride going to end.  We get to the top of the ride, but I was not scared this time, and I was able to let go, and enjoy it a little more.   We got back to the ride, and I quickly got off.  Everyone was going again, but I was not.  I was too scared to get on the ride again. If I had the courage for the third time, what possibly could have happened was that I enjoyed the whole ride, but I let my fear speak too loudly and let it get in the way (of what possibly could have been the best next ride of my life).  

This ride is a metaphor for me, as I let fear get in the way of trying new things, taking risks, success and being persistent. I loved how from this ride, I could see how I was living my life.  


E: How do you stay focused?

L: I think going to my gym classes allow me to stay focused.  I know also what the end game is.   


E: What is the greatest lesson you’ve learnt so far?

L: Don’t focus on how you will get your dream.   Know your goal and take actions that you can take from where you are. You never know how the universe will respond.   


E: Why do you do what you do?

L: Because I could not spend the rest of my working life, working for a corporate.  I want to be doing something that I love and I love creating.  


E: Is there anything you’d like to add?

L: Have a group of people around you that support your dream, and inspire you to keep going, when you feel you can’t.  

The Power Series; Interview #2 Cleo Massey

Power; a person or organisation that is strong or influential within a particular context

Cleo Massey, Actress


Cleo Massey is an Australian Actress who received her first big break at the young age of 11 on hit TV series H20-Just Add Water. She comes from a theatrical background with mother Anna Waters-Massey Actress, Singer and Playwrite of upcoming TV Comedy Stage Mums, and Father Stephen Massey retired drummer of 80s rock band Boo Boo Gazoo (look them up, they’re on Youtube).  Not only is Cleo a grounded yet high-spirited actress and singer, but she also has her own mindfulness blog Pass Around The Smile (which inspired me to start my own).

I had the pleasure of recently working with this stunning, beautiful soul on set of Stage Mums (look out Kath and Kim, this is the new comedy turning heads) and we clicked straight away. I loved the energy Cleo brought to her role (those facial expressions get me every time) and the passion behind her blog.

She is currently living in LA enjoying the hectic pilot season and luckily managed to steal a few minutes to chat with me.


E: You’ve been a professional actress since you were 11 (can’t believe H20 is still on air!), how do you keep your career fresh?

C:  Good question! For a while I was falling back on H20 and it's success because it seemed like the easy way. I quickly realised that wasn't the way, and jumped into any project I could... paid or not. I think that's important for Actors. Paid gigs aren't always going to come about, so sometimes we have to drop our ego and attach ourselves to smaller projects. You never know where they might lead. Plus, on these projects the cast and crew are doing it because they are passionate about it, which makes life on set so much happier and easier. 

I also try to keep my career as a whole fresh with my blog, Youtube channel and Instagram! Social Media is pretty powerful these days. 


E: What are the most memorable hurdles you’ve had to face to date?

C: Having an off day on set is always memorable. (Not in a good way) I remember one day on H20 I was sick and tired, but I had to soldier on and play my character. I stuffed up my lines over and over again, I made the crew wait and I felt terrible. We had the most amazing crew so they didn't care, but I will never forget how helpless and bad I felt. 

Other hurdles, and I'm sure this is the same for many Actors, is getting excited about an audition, getting a call back..... and then nothing. That always hits hard. If you don't get the role, usually you don't hear anything. You get an audition, work so hard on it, get excited... and then nothing. But that is just this industry and something you need to get used to if you want to be in it!


E: How do you stay grounded so far away from home?

C: LA is so different to Australia, and I can see why a lot of people fall into the 'LA trap.' I won't let myself. I guess to stay grounded I think about home. I think about all the genuine and hard working people we have in Australia, and the people I want to surround myself with constantly. If I meet people over here who don't share that vibe, I'll be polite, and then walk away from them or that situation. There is no point wasting your energy on negative people and situations, especially so far away from home. I think surrounding yourself with good people is the key. 


E: Why did you start Pass Around the Smile?

C: Selfishly, I started Pass Around the Smile to help myself. I needed to start taking my own advice. The Film and TV Industry was taking a toll on me, and I was getting myself down and into a negative state of mind. After my first blog I got such lovely comments and messages from people saying that my blog had helped them. My blog?! Helped people?! I was so happy, and it became quickly evident to me that this was something I loved doing; Helping people. So I continued on from then, knowing that I was helping people. It helps me to make people smile, so everyones happy! 


E: What would you tell yourself 5 years ago?

C: Just keep swimming....just keep swimming....


E: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

C: Oh my god in 10 years I will be 33, scary! Career wise, I hope to have produced and starred in my own film, Icebreaker. I also hope to continue writing for Pass Around the Smile, and I have hopes of doing some motivational speaking! My Family, boyfriend and friends are super important to me, so I will always make sure they come first. 


E: What’s the proudest moment you’ve had relating to overcoming your personal fears?

C: Writing my own film was a huge achievement for me. I always knew I could help myself in this career by writing roles for myself, but I was full of self doubt. When I finally did it I was like why didn't I do this earlier?! Moving to LA has also been a proud moment. It was and is hard!


E: What are you still working on?

C: I have just wrapped Stage Mums Season Three which is a web series my Mum, Anna Waters-Massey wrote! It's hilarious and I'm so excited for it to be released. We had an amazing time filming. We got very lucky with our cast and crew, it makes a real difference when everyone is passionate about a project. I'm also still working on my own script. You are never really finished a script, I'm on my seventh draft, but forever perfecting it!


E: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

C: Positivity is the key, and give a strong handshake!


E: Why do you do what you do?

C: Some people pursue an acting career to become famous. For me, I dread the idea of being famous. I love performing, and that's why I'm an actor. I like making people laugh, and feel good. 


E: What are your daily rituals?

C: I'm very into the Law of Attraction. It's helped me a lot through my acting journey! Everyday I try to do some positive self talk, some 'I'm thankful for' affirmations, and visualising the great things in life that I want. 


E: How do you stay focused?

C: I think once you find something you're really passionate about, it becomes easy to stay focused. 


E: What’s the best feeling about being an actress?

C: For me, I like comedy acting because it makes people happy! 


E: Famous last words?

C: Don't forget to Pass Around the Smile!!!


The Power Series; Interview #1 Sahara Beck

Power; the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way

Sahara Beck, singer songwriter

The great temptation for young artists has always been to try and be something they’re not. Sahara Beck is the complete opposite of this, a true, authentic artist owning her own sound and style with one of the most captivating voices I’ve ever heard. I was once lucky enough to share the stage with Sahara and watch her perform first hand. Being a musician myself (lets be honest I was hard to please… I can’t listen to anything without over analysing) It was one of the rare moments I could actually become lost in her presence. The way she was standing on stage with only a guitar, in a simple black dress, singing from her soul really struck a chord that I got lost in for a few blissful minutes. Back then (about 3 years ago) I knew she was headed for a long career in music. Thankfully, she didn’t change her phone number and agreed to this interview. 


E: I was one of those young artists that fell prey to trying to please others, how do you remain true to yourself?

S:  Honestly I think I have surrounded myself with so many truthful and funny people that there isn't much room for pretending to be anyone else. I often have moments where I'll think a new song I've written isn't good enough and I'll sit down with my friends and talk about whether I should go in a different direction or even just do something else and they tell me to just stick with it and to do it my way. In saying that, they will tell me if a song is shit, which isn't always want you want to hear but rather what you need to hear sometimes. I've learnt that the best way to stay true to yourself is to create something and to just let it be the way that it came out. Don't try to write like Britney Spears if you naturally write like Bon Iver, don't try to look like Kimbra if you naturally look like Debbie Harry, don't try to sing like Bjork if you naturally sing like David Bowie. Just be yourself, people either like it or they don't. I'm sure there's people who like my music and there's people who don't. It's hard to remember this sometimes but you shouldn't be making art for other people. Art is the one thing in the world that can be just for you. There's no better feeling for me than vulnerably standing on a stage and expressing myself through my music and feeling that people are connecting with the REAL me. I would hate if I was pretending to be someone else and people liked me for that person.


E: What was the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome in your music career so far?

S: I've had to leave some people in the process of my music career so far which was very hard but I'll always love them.

E: What is the hardest thing about touring?

S: The hardest thing for me is that I unfortunately love drinking alcohol and that makes me stay up late which damages my ability to sing properly the next day. However I have learnt from this and am trying to be a grown up and chose my days wisely! (while I'm on tour)

E: How do you stay focused?

S: I have always been very motivated with music and performing. If I finish or get tired of writing emails for the day, I'll work on a song, if I get tired of that I'll practice guitar, if I get tired of that, I'll practice piano, if I get tired of that I'll go out op shopping to see if I can find a new stage outfit. There's always something to do. The worst thing I can personally do to myself is to stop creating for too long and watch everyone else keep going, it creates this little doubtful voice in my head. I work best when I just focus on my own work and don't poke my head up and monitor what everyone else is doing.


E: What are your daily rituals?

S: When I wake up I mindlessly scroll through my instagram/twitter/facebook stream and watch funny videos while my brain wakes up. I feel like when I start my day with laughter it makes the day a lot better. Then I have a tea and play with my Rat, her name is Pip. Then I check my emails and switch into business time for a couple of hours. I spend a lot of time making phone calls for music related things come to think of it. after this I continue on a painting I've started or I'll start a new one and then maybe go for a walk or go see a friend. Other than that the rest of the day is always different. I end each day with my skin care routine and then I pop into bed with my laptop and watch whatever show I'm binge watching at that time (At the moment it's Will and Grace).


E: What fears have you overcome within finding your voice?

S: I used to sing with a very soft voice when I was 12-14 and then I discovered, I suppose through constant use and help from a teacher I had, that I have the ability to belt and sing many octaves in which ever style I wanted to as long as I used the right vocal technique. I used the right technique for a while and then when I started touring, I stopped caring as much. I also started smoking, which I don't do anymore. however these things on top of not getting any sleep, made my voice struggle a lot and I wasn't able to use it for extended periods of time. That really scared me and made me go through the whole "Who am I without my music and my voice?". I'm still trying to over come this, the idea of losing my voice would be like a professional bike rider permanently losing the ability to use his legs. All those years, all of that work, training and money would now be nothing and I would have to start again and do something different. Sure there's other things I love to do, like painting. But there's no way I will be able to live off my paintings. I've only been painting for two years. I've been singing since I could talk.


E: What’s the best advice you ever heard? (or Quote)

S: Paul Piticco once said to me that making original music that has no specific place or path made for it's self is like riding a train and the end of the line is when you finally make it, when the music is finally recognised as "your music". The train WILL get there eventually, the question is whether you are willing to stick around and sit on that train until you get to that stop. 

I always think of that when I feel like giving up.


E: What advice would you give to yourself 5 years ago?

S: Everything is going to be alright just keep going. Also stop being so self conscious, get over yourself, it's annoying.


E: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

S: Hopefully touring the world with people I love being around and performing to people that are on the same music trip as I am.


E: What’s the most important aspect of creativity to you?

S: There's lots of things, one is that being totally honestly and vulnerably creative can make you question yourself and see yourself in a new light. It's important to love yourself but it's also important to see opportunities to grow. For me, singing, performing and writing help me see myself more clearly, it helps me see others more clearly. Without it I would have no unfiltered way of expressing myself. It would drive me mad.


E: Why do you do what you do?

S: Because I love it. I figured I'll try to get as far as I can and if I can't get any further at least I know that I tried.

E: What do you like about being a woman in the music industry?

S: In my mind, I don't ever separate myself from men in the industry. Though a lot of women do, a lot of girls do. What I like most about being a woman in the industry is that I can let girls and women that want to be a musician or a performer know that they can do it if that's what they really want to do. Don't get me wrong, it's really hard sometimes. But not because I'm a woman. It's just hard, like anything, it can get hard. But it's also a lot of fun and it's worth putting up with the work to get the rewards. Sure sometimes I'll see a situation where I stop and realise "Hey why are there only dudes doing this?". There used to be situations where I would rock up at a festival stage with my band and I asked the stage manager a question and he pushed me aside to get to one of the men standing next to me and would answer the question to him and completely ignore me(as though I'm Sahara Becks groupie). But for me these situations motivate me and make it more exciting because I get to prove to myself and anyone who is doubting me that I can be a leader, I can be a boss, I can be a musician, lead singer and song writer all at once because I am strong. Women are just as strong as men and no one should believe otherwise.


E: What is your greatest power?

S: I'm not sure. I love to fall in love with people and things, which could be seen as a negative I guess but I think it's a beautiful thing. There's something funny and sweet about everyone and every situation, you just have step outside of your comfortable self absorbed bubble to make yourself aware of it.

E: Is there anything you’d like to add?

S: Thanks for the interesting questions and for having me on your sweeeet blog :)

for more info on Sahara click here

The Art of Quitting (negativity)

I found myself in a really big rut recently. I wasn’t getting anywhere with my business, my diet had suddenly become lazy again and I wasn’t being that person I aspired to be. I was feeling sorry for myself, and wanted to hide under the bed covers and watch Disney movies (or Harry Potter… anyone else have their go-to survival mode collection?)

Now I’m a firm believer of ‘downtime’. Without it anyone would go crazy and burn out.  The catch is, how to beat the slump? How to get that big push again to reset the momentum and start shrugging all the ‘yuck thoughts’ off.  I’m not an expert at this, or a trained professional. My favourite genre in the bookstore is either the ‘self help’ or ‘spirituality’ section as I’m fascinated with what works. I’m slowing trying all the techniques until I stumble across the right one for me. Everyone’s different, therefore there’s no ‘quick fix’ or ‘one fits all’ solution for this evolving problem. HOWEVER, here’s a few things that have helped so far.


Changing locations

The old ‘cabin fever’ syndrome; get outside and explore your surroundings. There’s nothing like a good walk in nature, the local park or a quick rendezvous at a new coffee shop to lift your mood. Once you get a broader perspective on things by stepping away from the situation (the war with the sewing machine/computer/pen inspiration or the growing pile of washing/ that opinionated friend), seems to be less significant.  I picked up a great saying from the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel where the character Sonny said “everything will be alright in the end, and if it’s not alright, it’s not the end” and realised he was right! Things always have a way of working themselves out. Gaining new perspective really helps.


Listening/ Watching something uplifting

The minute you put on that warm fuzzy song (Beatles is a great, Nick Drake and The Bamboos are some of my favourites) things seem to lighten up.

Alternatively, jumping onto YouTube and typing in ‘motivational speakers’ of any kind, usually lands on something golden that can kick you back into action mode.



A really hard thing for some to do, but the more I do it the easier it gets.

There’s so many different ways to meditate. There’s the Vapasana method, the Kundalini method, Vedic meditation; just focusing on your breathing and letting all those top layer thoughts melt away. It might take a while, but it’s helped me in the most frustrating times (e.g when I was about to implode due to flooding of the city and was trapped inside for 2 days). 



This is an instant way to flush out negativity. Be grateful for everything around you. Write a list of 10 things that you are grateful about. Wether it’s gratitude for breathing, having clean water or having more than one pair of shoes.

Happiness is a choice, and so is negativity. Every action comes from fear, or love.

I realised this today, and got off my behind and started enjoying the day!




D.I.Y Sustainable Wall Art

How to make a sustainable wall hanging


I was really inspired by all the amazing macramé hangings on trend in interior decorating at the moment and thought, instead of buying one, why don’t I get crafty at home.

I found the perfect stick whilst on a rainforest walk (it was already on the ground and had fallen from a tree). And with the growing box of “odds and sodds” fabric I was “gonna” get round to making, I thought it would be a great opportunity to experiment.

The results I’m pretty happy with, this is just one way to do it.

Materials needed


Large stick

Old clothes/linen




Step 1.

Find a long dress/curtain/bed sheets that you don’t want anymore and cut or rip into thin strips.


Step 2.

Loop the strips around the stick in desired colour patterns

Step 3.

Using 3 strands at a time plait the strips together until you have no excess strands left over.

Step 4.

Add chords or extra ribbons for desired texture

Step 5.

Use a small piece of yarn long enough to hang, tie around each end of the stick.

Dada! Wall art.

No More Struggling Artist

The Struggling Artist (how not to be)

Ok I’m going to blow the myth out of the water.

You don’t need to be struggling to have inspiring material to write about as a songwriter.

You don’t need to break someone’s heart on purpose so you can create an awesome love song.

You also don’t need to be in pain to create your best work.

As much as some of the amazing masterpieces (Adele, the heartbreak heroine) out there have been created from moments of extreme pain as a means to vent and heal, you can still create work to the same effect while happy and living well.

I was a victim of this. I used to subconsciously create drama (and sometimes I still catch myself doing it) in order to create that amazing song that was going to shoot me into the stratosphere of stardom. It was always about that ‘next best thing’. I wanted to be heard so badly that I emotionally damaged myself in the process. I wondered why I was never really getting anywhere with my music as I was focusing too much on what I thought everyone wanted to hear, rather than what came out naturally.

I used to joke around with the term ‘struggling artist’ and say “I don’t care what it takes, even if I end up living on the streets to be a musician”. Well, I almost got to that point when I moved cities and ran out of money for rent and let me tell you: it’s not fun, It’s not inspiring and the only thing you can think about is food as you can only afford is a 3 pack of croissants!

When you’re unhealthy, you mind is unhealthy and the wrong energy comes out. It’s a dark energy that eats away at you where the ego resides. Thinking you need to be someone is the biggest mistake as; news flash! You’re already someone! The best thing you can do is create in a loving, safe and healthy environment. When I was using that dark, ego fueled energy I created awesome stuff yes but.. I also burnt out. I used up so much energy, throwing it into music that I began to resent it, and couldn’t even bring myself to look at the piano, or ukulele or anything I’d normally love writing with. It felt painful to create (something I never knew could happen).

The minute you take the ego away, and the notion that you need to ‘be’ someone, and you work on loving your whole self (body, mind and spirit) so that you’re absolutely shining, the creative energy comes. It might come in a way unknown to you, but it flows effortlessly.

I now love sharing music, and enjoy it for the sake of ‘music’ rather than having to make it into a smash hit. It takes the pressure off.  The other awesome thing, is when you let the flow happen, the abundance comes, and also the money.

I’m cool with the fact that I can be a successful artist, amongst many other facets of my life.  What is success to me? Enjoying my art without having any motives, pretences or control attached around it.

Creation to me is designing, sewing, learning and growing.  No more struggling artist!




5 Ways to Love

5 Ways to Love

And how they apply to every relationship.

From recently reading the book ‘The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, I was interested to see how it affects not only the most intimate relationships, but relationships with friends and family as well.

It suddenly dawned on me that my own love language was “Gifts” as my mother was always showing her love and appreciation by surprising me with little gifts when I was young. These items weren’t superficial or materialistic, merely just visual symbols and displays of love.

Looking back on past relationships (if you’re not already in one) is a great way to understand what your love language is.

What was that thing you were always complaining about? That’s most likely your primary love language. You’re craving that type of attention and your partner just doesn’t understand.


Here they are below:


Visual tokens of love such as a hand written note, a drawing, a beautiful flower or an item that has meaning and thought behind it.

I know buying a bunch of flowers can seem cheesy and ‘overdone’ to some, but it might mean the world to someone receiving that gift of appreciation and thoughtfulness.  The cost of the gift doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t have thought behind it.

I had a particularly horrible birthday last year. I was working at a job I hated; behind in bills and it just seemed to be one of those days that everything went wrong. A friend of mine remembered it was my birthday and bought me a bunch of Sunflowers. It was the most beautiful gift that absolutely made my day.  It was a simple, beautiful act of giving that I’ll never forget.

 Words of Affirmation

Positive affirmations of appreciation and respect;

This could be as simple as saying “I really appreciate the hard work you’ve done today” when your partner comes home from work (or even when a colleague helps out at work). Another one is verbally stating the traits you admire and respect in your friends and family. To some this might make them feel uncomfortable (which means it’s clearly not their love language). To others, this could totally make their day and give them that extra confidence they need to complete a task or face their fears.

Acts of Service

Performing tasks to help, without being asked. This can be a sneaky one, as many people are constantly doing ‘acts of service’ without being noticed. This could be someone always cooking dinner, cleaning around the house, helping his or her partner or friends with a task. Many people fall prey to doing tasks as a form of ‘giving’ without it being noticed until they reach a point where they have nothing left, and end up resenting the other person.

If this is your partners love language, ask them what you can do to help them as you might have different ideas on what tasks are really meaningful.

 Quality Time

Spending time being present with your loved ones is a major one for many people. This means putting the phone down at the dinner table, or turning off the TV and actually having genuine conversation. Quality time can be simple stuff like enjoying nature with your partner, doing a sport together, trying out something new or just ‘being’ with the other person.

It’s one of the things where everyone benefits, as they become beautiful memories that you refer to when you’re having a bad day, or reflecting.

The old saying goes ‘you can’t buy time’, so make sure you have enough time put aside each day to do the important stuff that you (and your partner/friends/family) value.

Physical Touch

This is a pretty self-explanatory one, however not necessarily the big ‘S’ word. Some people crave human contact more than others (we all need it, just like babies need cuddles).  If your partner is complaining you are not ‘touching’ them enough, it might mean you need to consciously hug them and touch them in meaningful ways (explore unknown territory, like holding hands, placing your hand on their shoulder/arm/leg at breakfast, a cheeky kiss in the grocery aisle, who knows what could happen!!)

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a good hug! Instant happy :)

This is really dipping the toes in the water when it comes to how the 5 love languages can strengthen any relationship.

For more info, check out the book.

“The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

Photography by Andrew Dahms

Photography by Andrew Dahms

Why are you here?

It's really easy to get lost and feel disconnected with the world today, what with so many distractions as to what you should wear, how you should eat, how many bills need paying, what your friends think of you, what your family approves of. It's super simple. Just - break. it . down.

What inspires you? What did you do when you were 12?

Whenever I have the big questions running around in my head like “why am I here”, ‘what’s my purpose’. It’s good to get down to the nitty gritty and actually clear all the limitations around what comes naturally to you.

I used to write plays for my next-door neighbour and I to perform in the backyard. This went onto song writing, poetry and internal monologues as to how my ‘rockstar’ life was going to look when I was all grown up.

Fast forward 15 years and unfortunately I stopped listening to the inner child at some point, as I stopped writing, stopped creating and sold my soul to retail for a while (whilst jumping from one degree to another in hopes of getting the shiny golden ticket to life). It was ‘easy’ to get money that way. It was ‘easy’ to stand behind a register and listen to the staff complain about other people and how bored they were. I worked in retail for 10 years, on an off.  It was ‘easy’ to jump into a degree, as that was a safety net to the real world.  

Turned out it was actually the hardest, most painful thing holding me back. After all those years of retail and degrees, I was stuck. I had no money to pay the bills, a poor attitude and no energy. The money never stayed, it trickled away like quicksand. Money is abundance, if you surround yourself people you love, do things you love and give unconditionally to the universe, the money comes, along with many other unimaginable experiences and gifts. I was doing the opposite, surrounding myself with toxic people, being selfish and crying about the fact I had to go to a job I hated.

Doing what is right fuels you, rather than drains you.

Doing what is right is a short-term pain for a very long-term gain.

It’s painful to change, and to admit what went wrong, however transformation is the most liberating, rewarding process! 

So here I am, writing again, just like when I was 12.

It feels awesome!

The Fun Police


 Enjoyment, amusement or light-hearted pleasure.

I had a massive light bulb moment this morning after dragging my feet along the ground the previous day. I was SICK of being boring, serious and sad.

Not that it’s bad to feel sad. It’s important not to deny yourself these feelings and let it all out. Imploding from bottled up feelings isn’t healthy.

When did I lose my fun? Was it when I had to worry about adult stuff? Now I have a car, rent, monthly bills, a loan and myself to rely on to make appointments. All I was worrying about was the fact I didn’t have enough to pay my bills. I was worrying about the future FAR TO MUCH and not actually enjoying the present. Looking back on past hurts suddenly made a lot of sense, as I was becoming too much of a worrywart. I ended up with severe chest pain from anxiety. I had a hunch when I walked, as I didn’t believe in myself. Sometimes I spoke so softly that people didn’t hear me, and I took that as an offence. 

Here’s a crazy idea. Let’s pretend you don’t have to worry. Let’s pretend that everything in the future will be taken care of, and will naturally sort itself out.

Imagine how that would feel? Imagine if your only responsibility was to have FUN!

What would you be doing? Who would you be with?

How would it feel?

I made a conscious decision this morning to forget all those worries, as I know they are being worked out by the amazing power of positivity. I feel amazing.

Getting some "Funshine" with the flowers

Getting some "Funshine" with the flowers

5 Ways to Unravel. Including, moving cities and meltdowns

I'm one of those crazy 'jumps head first' into something. I'm known for always taking risks, and going from one extreme to the other. I always had the mentality that I had to "do" something about a situation, or I'd fail.

Doing is one thing, but how you do it is an entirely different subject. 

Here's my personal account of how to create your own fantastic meltdown. CAUTION; may cause enlightenment, unravelling, and change. 

1. Decide you're going to move cities to escape an underlying problem

Jumping from one city to an even bigger city without a certain job, plan or budget didn't do me any favours. The reason why I was running away was "the grass is greener" mentality. There might be more opportunities for jobs in a bigger city, but exactly what type of job? Why did I want to do that job? (Fashion Design Assistant). I was doing it to get money. COMPLETELY big mistake. I realised that I actually can't create when it's for someone else's dream (hello energy drainage) and that wasn't in Melbourne. I thought I was a city girl, but apparently I'm a country/coastal girl and love my creative space in the serenity of nature. Now I can work on my dream, without burning out all creative resources for a fast fashion production line, and I get to choose my clients (someone/something that I resonate with).

IF you're moving cities, ask why? Do you have any loose ends to tie up before you go? Are you running away from your problems? (There will be problems wherever you are unless you internally deal with them). But mostly, define your CORE VALUES before you leave, otherwise you'll end up on the poverty line, underweight and mentally unstable (maybe just me).

2. Be a control freak (maybe it's a virgo thing)

This is a great way to make people break up with you and run in the other direction when you enter the room. 

No one likes to be controlled. And unfortunately a highly talented woman like myself couldn't really help DOING EVERYTHING for my ex. Love works in mysterious ways, and makes some women want to give so much of themselves they start controlling the relationship. This leaves to resentment, as you are taking the freedom away from your partner to be themselves, have power, prove their worth and explore. It doesn't matter if things don't go according to plan as in REALITY, nothing ever will. Be cool about a Plan B, or allowing your other half to make mistakes and figure stuff out for themselves. Only give helped when asked, and "go with the flow".  Try it out for a day and see what happens. 

3. Worry about your life, 5 years from now

This was a big one. FOMO anyone? Fear of not having enough money to travel overseas. Fear of getting skin cancer if you go to the beach (practical I know). Fear of having an inadequate partner. Fear of never really creating that dream of working for yourself. Fear of being stuck in the same retail job for the next 5 years "No I will not refund that dress because you decided to have a party in it".

Reality Check. Fear attracts more fear. Negativity attracts more negativity. 

Rather than worry about the future. ENJOY NOW! You'll never get today back. And start feeling like you've already reached your goal. Feel the financial freedom. Feel the dreamboat relationship, go on. Try it. Do what you ENJOY.

 4. Reread all your past life chapters. So you can relive the pain

Nostalgia can be a double edged sword. I kept running all those horrible moments from my past over and over (and sometimes it still catches me), only to analyze it and feel the pain again. It's enough to drive anyone crazy.

Comparing your present life to your past can be positive, to see how far you've come. When it's negative chapters however, you can never move forward until you let it go. Think of it as a trilogy series. You can't find out if the heroine fulfils her quest if you keep reading the chapter on when she feel down the cliff. 

5. Eat lots of junk food when you're down, and drink lots of wine. 

This really helps lift morale. Great for wallowing in one's sorrows, watching the same movie over and over again and generally avoiding all problems. I've had far too many meltdowns after buying McDonalds on the way home after a super long day, or lying on the couch binge eating while watching that one movie that makes me cry to realise enough is enough, and I needed a change. 

"Dead" food, which is anything that has bland colours; chips, cookies, fried food, processed sugar is only going to help you feel sluggish as your body tries to break it all down (only to find there's no nutritional value... so where's it going to end up?). Alcohol is a natural depressant and only puts a bandaid on all those grenades. The sooner you face it, the sooner it goes away.

I've luckily, learnt from these experiences to feel all shiny and new again! (And haven't eaten McDonalds in over a year)

Hope this helps you too.



Productive Vs Busy

It's funny how whenever you ask someone how they're going it's always 'soooo busy'. Busy doing what exactly? Are they busy checking instagram? Busy watching the last 2 season of Game of Thrones? Or busy actually building a business and doing productive, personal growth activities?

I used to think I was the good type of 'busy'. Always running 100 miles an hour, picking up every opportunity to start 'something', study something or be part of the action. What I was achieving, was really a lot of dead ends, and starting projects but not actually contemplating if they were worth while. 

A whole lot of student debt (and a large collection of things I didn't need) later, I actually realised, that rather working on a lot of things at once, I needed to work on activities that developed my mind and purpose.

If you're like me (and jump from one idea to the other) maybe this check list will help.

- How is it giving your life value?

- Are you having fun?

- Why are you doing it?

- What does your intuition tell you? 

- Surround yourself with successful, purpose driven people (might rub off)





Daily Rituals

They say 'success leaves clues' according to the great motivational speakers I've been listening to of late - Les Brown and Jim Rohn. Alongside this, I realised I needed to start studying the successful people around me, as (well who doesn't want to be successful?). This then got me thinking "what does success mean to me", and after much contemplation, I realized, it's having freedom to choose your time. 

Time is the one thing we can't buy. So in order to make the most of my time, I've begun some beautiful morning rituals to get me motivated. You attract what you think, and what you are. 

I used to focus on all that bad stuff, and wondered why I was constantly in debt, out of creative ideas, and lethargic. This all begins the commitment you make to yourself everyday. 

Daily Ritual #1

Morning meditation

There's nothing more calming than filtering out all the little 'mush' that clogs up your brain. Stress and anxiety are fuelled from these, and unfortunately in our busy non-stop world,  it's hard to switch off. Even if it's for 2 minutes, your body and mind will thank you. Some of the most complicated problems can be solved just by surrendering it all in meditation.

I try and do it before I check any emails, phone messages or FB first thing. 

Your most powerful subconscious thoughts are affected in the first 20mins of waking up. So do you really want to latch onto 'Lucy's cat pictures' first thing in the morning?

Daily Ritual #2

Morning Smoothie

Best way to absorb nutrients your body needs to function first up! Green Smoothies! As long as there's something green in it, some fruit and some extra goodness (like my complete powder I use) you can't go wrong. There's a million green smoothie recipes out there to try. Make sure you get a good blender that's EASY TO CLEAN! So it doesn't become a chore. I love my Fruit Ninja :)

Daily Ritual #3

Set intentions. Be grateful.

Gratefulness. It's super easy to be happy, and choose joy in any moment. Why not start in the morning? There's a million things to be grateful for; whether it be your loving partner, having electricity, being healthy, cats..anything around you that gives you comfort. Happiness attracts more happiness. Why not focus on how you'll FEEL when you get that promotion, or how you'll FEEL to be in that dream destination. Could be a good experiment to see what happens.

Daily Ritual #4

Exercise. Limber Up.

Daily stretches before you embrace the day will help you release any tension you may be holding overnight. I like to do this on my bed! Doesn't have to be anything tricky. Whatever feels good (however my particular fav's in yoga speech are downward dog, the cobra, happy cat and angry cat, and the child's pose). 

On top of that, a good run and some core strength exercises will help your posture (and you'll feel more confident knowing you're strengthening your muscles!) Hellooo hot body. 

I notice on days I don't exercise, I feel sluggish and stiff! 


All of these can be done under an hour, so it's not groundbreaking stuff! 

Recycled Ipad Cases

When a cracked screen turns into a production line.

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The Healthy Creative

Something that I've always struggled with, is a way to make 'junk food' healthy. When you're up late and hours into a project, the last thing you crave is salad right? No, you want CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM.

Enter the super lazy, cheap and healthy snack idea!

banana sorbet.jpg

Super simple.

3 Frozen bananas

Tablespoon of Raw Cacao Powder (super chocolate taste)

1 cup coconut water (for desired texture)

1/2 cup Shredded coconut.


Blend all together, and sprinkle with blueberries (any fruit you like)

And if you want to be SUPER healthy, you can chuck 1/2 cup of frozen spinach in for extra greens, without the taste.

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A Part of Me, Boutique Melbourne Label

I loved interning alongside the APOM girls, Kate and Kaiser as I learnt more about patternmaking, grading and the design process. It was a lovely studio that rested above the flagship store which was great to see the designs from the start to being purchased by customers. It was a great experience, and I'm now a big fan of APOM's designs (I have a few wardrobe staples I practically live in, and love their relaxed shapes).

Below is some of my flat lay work, a run of the shop floor and their past Spring Summer collection.

For more, see

My flat lay photography for their past Autumn/Winter Collection. 

My flat lay photography for their past Autumn/Winter Collection.